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Jun 13, 2022

Fertilizers for a Bonsai plant to have healthy Growth

 Fertilizers for a Bonsai plant to have healthy Growth 

Gardening for me is an excellent Hobby to keep myself in a positive way and keep occupied  with plants. Bonsai is my love and I can say it's like the art of meditation to me. Bonsai means not only cutting, pruning and repotting , it the way of life relaxing back , watching them and enjoying the way they are growing. When the  bonsai starts flowering or fruiting the pleasure of doubles, its a feast on eyes. There is lots of hard work behind growing Bonsai is regular maintenance  and it is more important to have  a healthy growth in the plant. 

During this journey the plant needs lots of fertilizers, for that they are two types of fertilizers . 

One is organic and the second is inorganic.  Both are important.  When we do repotting after some time the fertility of the soil reduces because nutrients taken by the plant. Because plant is growing in the limited soil of the pot. To have proper growth, fertilizers play an important role in the plant development. Organic fertilizer like cow dung,  seaweed, or neem cake fertilizer takes lots of time to mix with the soil. So the frequency of providing fertilizer will be once in three months. 

Inorganic fertilizer is like instant food for plants. There are two types, one is the main fertilizer like NPK. That is nitrogen,  phosphorus and potassium.. After repotting NPK is important for good root growth and healthy growth in the shoot system. This chemical fertilizer is water soluble and should be used in dilute quantities once in a month. 

 Then liquid multinutrient fertilizer is also needed for the plant . Before using liquid fertilizer read the instructions carefully and start using once in a month. NPK and liquid fertilizer to be used alternatively once in fortnight. All these fertilizers help the plant to have complete growth and help the plants to have healthy growth and good quality of flowers and fruits.


Below link is Complete video of fertilizing a Bonsai plant.


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