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Jan 4, 2022

Literati StyleThuja Orientalis

 Thuja orientalis is an evergreen plant and coniferous variety, good for making as Bonsai because of its needle like leaves it gives a beautiful style to the belongs to cypress. It bears cones and the wood is soft wood. Leaves have medicinal value. This video shows a detailed transformation of a wild plant to a pleasant looking Bonsai .The plant is as tall as 6 feet and has a very hardy trunk line. It was very difficult to bend it easily. The plant was given an angle by bending towards the right side. Then Two slits were made to give a movement to the trunk line. Then they are covered with a tape because when bending the trunk line there will be stress on the plant and there are chances of breaking down the trunk. Trunk line is wired with a heavy gauged wire and bent with a wire tied to the crown of the trunk and at the base of the trunk and slowly by twisting the wire the entire trunk bends down like a bow. Canopy was made by wiring the branches with proper gauged wires. Then Styling of the plant was done. It was given a good looking literati style Bonsai, After cutting and pruning this plant will go through lots of stress. To keep the plant healthy, repotting will be after six months once the plant comes out of its stress and has a healthy growth. For Literati or Bunjin style, a round shaped pot is suitable.

Before and After

Detailed Video of transformation of Thuja orientalis

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