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Jul 11, 2021

How to Make cascading Style Bonsai with Ficus plant

Cascading Style Bonsai 

Cascade style is a interesting style in Bonsai. Usually In nature plant grows to wards the sky , but here in this style Plant is growing towards gravity downwards. It makes the plant attractive and unique. When water from top of the mountain falls down it takes makes interesting path in cascading way. 

The trees Growing on peak of the mountain generally effected by Natural disasters like heavy winds, thunder storms, sun burns etc... During that top branches break down and there wont be proper growth there. then the branches at the down portion of the trunk where there is less effect of wind try to grow down . then slowly development of tree will be on earth bound branches.

courtesy google image

Here in this photo we can clearly see the effect of the wind and development of earth bound branches. Bonsai is an art that nature and Bonsai art is interlinked. Creation of Bonsai style is entirely depends on the nature of the growth and evolution of the plant as it gains age. Keeping this in mind we are creating our Bonsai trees. 

Our Bonsai Lovers last month workshop is demonstration and learning the principals of Tree development on Mountain cliffs and applying that philosophy in our demonstrating plant Ficus triangularis . It is also known as Ficus natalensis leprieurrii variegate.

Ficus natalensis leprieurrii variegate.
This plant is a tropical plant with variegated light green and with whitish yellow attractive leaves . The 
leaves  are in triangular shape. 


Trunk of the plant is vert stiff and cant bent. so a notch is made on the main trunk line where the main trunk going to have a hard bend. one of the branch removed raft tape is wrapped around the main trunk is wired and made a bend slowly

Among three branches one branch is removed and second main trunk is wrapped with raft tape and  wiring is done to that branch to bend it down in cascading manner just like how water flows down from mountains .

The entire link of making Cascade style Bonsai in below.

Once we done with wiring selection of pot is very important in cascade style.  Usually the pot for cascade style is heighted depth pot , so the free fall of the Bonsai plant can be seen clearly.
 we used Heighted pot for placement of the plant to show as if the plant is growing on Mountain top. and due to heavy rains ,winds and thonder storms plant developed down ward growth just like how water falls from mountains plants shape is  also happens to be like in that manner. Here I am sharing a plant in natural surroundings how it is growing in on hill top, Bonsai is nothing but we are creating natural styles in our plant
Below is traditional pot. Here heighted pot is traditional way of using for cascade style in Bonsai. Now Bonsai is a art, so Bonsai masters are using different pots. I will give you some example of of here.

Plant is in decorative pot

Cascade style in a half open shell like pot

Cascade style in a hand made pot

On a rock  and the plant fall is cascading

coming out of the rocks and the tree is growing down.

In Bonsai Art the Creation is infinite



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