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Jun 27, 2021

Rock grown Bonsai Peepal tree Bodhi vrush with Rock.

Bodhi Vrush Peepal plant Ficus is growing on Rock

Rock grown Bonsai gives Bonsai plant a natural look 
For Rock growing Bonsai , the selection of the plant is important , with long roots, so the roots can be spread on the services of the rock. Bodhi vrush it is also called as peepal tree. It a  tree with good roots system and was brought from a nursery.

This is one type of sand stone. It is selected because of its  shape and structure

For roots over rock style plant needs long well developed roots to spread on rock

Trying Many Faces of the stone for perfect placement of plant on the rock 


Fixing the plant with rock is important to develop a stable root system. If roots are loose  or hanging there wont be proper growth.

 Bonsai pot is selected and place the plant in the pot.

Place the rock with plant roots should touch the soil in the pot , then roots gets proper nutrition.

Development of the plant after three months.

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