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May 16, 2021

Ficus rumphi Bonsai on a Rock

 Ficus Rumphi on a Rock

Ficus rumphi Bonsai on a Rock
This is a variety of Ficus rumphi plant. This is a variety of ficus. This plant is also called as Bodhi Vrush. There  is a little difference between leaf of Ficus religiosa and ficus rumphi. Ficus religiosa  that is peepal tree leaves tip is long and sharp, while ficus rumphi leaves  tip is short and sharp. There are many medicinal uses are there with the latex of this plant. 
Ficus rumphi can be grown from seeds, branches and air layering. its a tropical plant and favorite plant Bonsai lovers because of its trunk line structure, umbrella shape of canopy  and matured radiating roots development of the plant. its a fast growing tree. Responds well to  cutting and pruning by developing more branches from its  nodes. 

 Ficus plant is placed on rock and looking for a correct position on the rock

The placement of plant on a rock should be as natural as it is growing on the rock

After fixing it tie the plant to rock with any tape so plant wont move. Then there will be proper growth of the plant, Roots will hold the rock slowly as they start growing.

This is the fresh placement and positioning on rock . I will share the growth of the plant on coming chapters.
 For a complete video I am sharing the link. Please check it.

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