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May 27, 2021

Creating a Naturalistic Penjing with a Hand made Brick wall and Bonsai plant

Creating a Naturalistic Penjing with a Hand made Brick wall and Bonsai plant

Brick walls prepared for the use of Bonsai Land scape

Our Villages are having Beautiful Nature. Bonsai artists Natural Lovers. They are creating their Bonsais as natural as in Nature. This penjing is one of its creation. 

Material required

First Preparation wall is important. It is very simple. we need 
1) Cement and white cement 
2) Earthen cement color powder
3) Fine Sand
4) Plastic or Iron Mesh 
5) Brush, Trowel 

4) Wooden frame 

These are three different sizes of frames. It is better to make a wooden frame of your choice. then your wall will be of correct size and shape without any crooked edges.

Preparation of the Wall

One cup of cement
1/4 cup of sand
Color as required 
Mix them well and start adding water little by little and mix it properly

Take a plastic sheet and on it place a news paper and kept the frame on news paper .  Now a thin layer of cement to be filled by Trowel inside the frame. Spread it evenly as shown in video.

After Making a thin layer place the mesh of the wet cement, It helps to hold the Wall strong.

Now Again fill the Frame wit cement layer by layer with Trowel by spreading evenly, in between spray little dry cement powder on wet cement and spread it nicely.   

Make sure the thickness of the wall you want have , if it is more thick then wall becomes heavy,  so make medium thickness  and let it dry for 20 minutes. when the cement becoming a little dry draw straight lines with a knife or any wooden or metal stick so the lines will be of thin as shown in the photo.

After finished drawing the lines let the cement dry completely for a day water it next day.  Then check the cement. once it becomes dry take out the wooden frame, dry the wall completely. once it is ready our rectangular wall is ready.

Second method 

In this Method we removing the edges of the wall when it is still wet. 

This photo reminds us the aged wall structure. To get this when we finished cementing wait for 20 minutes and draw the lines. at that time select the edges of the wall which bricks you want to remove, Other wise remove randomly with a knife. Insert the knife in to wet cement and remove that piece carefully without damaging the wall. ow let the wall dry fully and and we can use for our landscape Bonsai styles.

How to make a white color Wall

If  we want to make a white wall dont mix any color in to cement use as it is and and after finishing making a wall when it is wet put white cement little by little on wet cement and spread well. After 20 minutes draw lines on white cement ad make it as a white wall, Now our white color Wall is ready . 

Four Different sizes of Bonsai walls are ready for our Penjing.

These are plain straight walls without any hole in middle. 
I will share the another post of white walls with a hole to place the plant with roots coming out of the wall.

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