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Apr 10, 2021

Penjing How to Make your Rock Penjing more beautiful

Bonsai and Penjing. Bonsai is a creation of artists reflection, usually single tree with detailed Beautiful expression of a huge tree of nature in miniature form. Penjing is a Cinese version of Bonsai with one or more trees in land scape showing rocks, water, with land covering plants, figurines . Entire creation will be a pleasing piece of Nature.

This is last year picture just planted trees on the rock. First one on the top is planted inside the whole of rock. the specialty of this stone is it contains more holes and rock is soft, with chisel or saw on e can give a shape. Here this rock base is not stable so to make it stable two more other small rocks were fixed with glue to sit in the pot firmly. then the plants are arranged on the rock on three sides . here plants are three different varieties , but the leaves size is small and and of same size. when you are selecting plants to place on rock selection of same variety or same size leaves are preferable, usually we select small size leaves, that goes in harmony with the rock. if they are big they wont be a balance between rocks and the plants and your creation wont go well. These plants are pre Bonsai which were already in shape by cutting and pruning and wiring.

Placing plants in cervices of the rock and covered roots with sphagnum moss to keep moisture and to avoid roots from getting dry. 
This year the side plant was dried completely leaving empty space there. 

Then for restoration new plants are added and base of the rock was covered with some land covering plants like sedum.

The entire arrangement can be viewed in below video link 

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