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Sep 26, 2020

Melalueca Linarifolia ( Golden Bottle Brush ) as a Bonsai tree

Melalueca  Linarifolia is a  Hardy tropical plant . It can be made in to Bonsai plant. It looks  pretty with its hanging copper colored small long leaves. it gives a stunning and great look to the plant. 

Native plant of Australia. We are cultivating this tree in India.  It is also called as paperback tree means its bark looks like its outer covering comes out in thin layers.  It a ever green tree grows up to 30 to 40 feet. The life span of these trees is more than 100 years.

                       Below photo shows the Bark of Matured  Melalueca  Linarifolia tree

It is also called as called as Honey Myrtles, or tea trees. it is called as Honey myrtle because it produces small white flowers which contains plentiful nectar. It has beautiful yellowish light red colour leaves, they give a beautiful fresh look to the plant. when we crush these leaves a strong aroma comes out just like Eucalyptus plant leaves. These leaves are used tea tree oil which is used in cosmetics and medicines. It is also called as Golden Bottle Brush and copper bottle Brush because of its copper colour of the leaves.

The colour of leaves. This is my favorite plant because of its small leaves.
Golden Myrtle Characters 
Before making as a Bonsai first we see its characters and growing style of this plant. 
This plant usually comes under trees and grow up to 15 meters or 30 to 40 feet.. Branches are slender and will be in weeping style, with a gentle blow of wind gives the leaves a movement of pleasant sight. 
This plant needs sunlight and keep away from summer sun heat. Golden Myrtle can be grown in partial shade also. if the plant is kept for more time in shade the leaves turn in to green colour. 
Melalueca  Linarifolia can be grown in any type of soil. its prefers little loamy soil and moist soil for its proper growth. Soil should be well drained soil, but with having some moist holding capacity. It wont prefer soggy soils. It doesn't grow well in dry soil conditions. if the soil is dry we  can see more dried branches. 
Roots are fibrous roots A minute damage while repotting gives the plant a shock and it can kill the plant. 
Propogation mainly by branch cuttings and seeds.
Flowering season is spring . Flowers are very small and not attractive. once the flowering season is over cutting and pruning of the branches can be done.
Tea tree needs more water because to stay on its moist side plant needs more water. Once in a day during winter , spring and in summer months twice a day . If the weather is too hot and temperature are more move the plant to littlie shade and protect the plant from burnt leaves situation due to hot sun. Especially if the plant is growing in a Bonsai pot.
It needs organic and liquid fertilizer, But not strong fertilizers.
How to style Golden Myrtle as a Bonsai plant ... 
Here it is explained how to shape a loropetallum Golden Bolltle Brush tall plant in to Literati style
Nursery Plant is wired from the starting portion of the plant. trunk line is thick and 5mmguage wire is used to bend the trunk line. First two inches wire is pushed down in to the soil near the base of the trunk to give a stable wiring arund the plant, is the wiring is not stable, we cant bend the trunk line as the way you want. Push the wire in to soil and it should be strong and stable in the soil and now start wiring in angular way 45 degrees around the trunk.

When wiring is started it is to be in 45 degrees so bend will be flexible with angular wiring. Below video explains the way of wiring a plant.

Once wiring is finished holding trunk line with both the hands move it and give a shape to the plant. do it delicately without harming the plant. 

Wiring is finished and the plant given a simple shape and to be shited to Bonsai pot . this is done in April 2020. 

Below is the photo of recent one October 2020. There is a good development of canopy, Plant is growing healthy and having a beautiful shape as Literati style.

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