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Aug 13, 2020

Taking care of Gifted Bonsai or Bonsai bought online

Many of us will receive plants as gifts. That makes us so happy feel like to that plant grow with us for many years. It's a beautiful feeling. 
Here are the some points how to take care of these plants as soon as it reaches our home to avoid loos of our precious gift from our loved ones.
Many of these plants become sick as soon as they reach our house. Some Gifted plants may reach you next day some take a long journey of three four days. During this long ride they get tired since they are in a closed box with limited moisture and no light in side. It makes the plant shaky and plant goes in to shock.
One of my friend, Plants lover got a gift of Bonsai plant Chinese Elm online. That was his first Bonsai plant.  
As soon as it arrived with lot of enthusiasm he read carefully all the instructions carefully. it was written on it it is a indoor plant. so he kept it inside the house in a corner. As per instructions what he did is correct. But ....

After seeing his plant at this stage he confused and removed all the soil and re potted it again. 

He shared his photos by asking for help. then what precautions he has taken and how the plant and what happen, I would like to share with you all my Bonsai friends.  

 Then plant started reviving with fresh new buds.                                                                    

If we take some care we can safe guard our gifted precious plants they come back to life and will be our life long friends.
First thing when you are keeping inside our houses we don't have that much proper ventilation or light. when we switch on fan in a closed room, lots of evaporation of water will be there from the leaves. that makes the plant weak. because the plant was in open nursery, then it came to our place it takes some time to settle down because of weather at the nursery and at our place. 

Here Are some tips to safe guard our gifted plants......

First and foremost important one is
1) As soon as the gift arrives carefully open the box and take out the plant without disturbing the base of the plant. Because most of the times the plant might be just re potted and sent to you via courier or it may not be settled properly in the soil or it may have disturbed  roots due roots  due to its swings like moving back and forth side to side  during transportation. That is the reason we should not give more stress to the plant. Unpack your precious gift preciously and keep it a side.

                                            This Gifted Bonsai Plant Just unpacked.......
This plant is Packed neatly and tightly.......

2) Now observe the condition of the plant. Condition means is it healthy with green fresh leaves or it may be looking tired with lose of water or become weak through the heat produced in the box during its journey.
Because of all these factors there are chances of plant will have stress and may lead to dry out.  So as soon as plant arrives water a little.
3) Press the soil gently near the base of the plant to give stability to the shaken roots. If the plant is loose and shaking in the soil don't take out the plant from the soil just press the soil gently and water it.

4) Last and important one is keep the plant in a shady place. Don't keep it in direct sunlight. And don't keep the plant indoor. The plant needs some stability. So keep it in a shady place . And don't move the plant from one place to another. Just keep it at one place for one month and water it. Don't over water it. See the soil put your finger,  If you are feeling any wetness don't water it. If you feel any dryness you can water it. One more point check the drainage , means check once you water the plant, water should come out of the pot. If water is staying on top soil layer the of the pot means the plant is not having proper drainage.

5) Don't fertilize the plant. Let it settle at least for two months then you can start fertilizing it. 

6) Don't do re potting. Once the plant gets new life then we can do re potting after one year.
These are  some of the important points, If we take care of these things plant can survive and you can have rapport with the plant . Bonsai Plant is always a life long beautiful friend.  

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