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Aug 13, 2020

Bonsai And Bonsai photoshoot . How to get best photo of your Bonsai Part Two

Photo shooting of Bonsai is technique to show case beauty of your Bonsai. in this procedure which angle enhances its beauty and how to show actual attractive angle , how to show case your plant as Natural as you are seeing it is little difficult. To get a natural look you need a high end camera with a good lense which costs more than our budget. So to get best out of what we have is to get focusing lights.  They help a lot. 

Best lighting is natural evening light twilight is the to get good photos with natural look. Next when we are using focusing lamps many different range products are available. We can we use incandescent lights which are available in 300 to 500 watts . Which are preferable for photography. They are good for still photography.

Best indoor lighting can be achieved with Led lights. They work well and during late afternoon and for night still photography. I am happily using simple Led lights.

This is a simple LED light , chargeable, cost 100 to 200 Rs  Only. This can be best focusing lamp for photography.
Then natural light will be one which is coming from the windows is also important. 

These Windows are having transparent glass, These Glasses send more light in side the room. due to that exposure the object or the plant wont be filmed correctly. If there is more light , then you have to adjust camera exposure,lens aperture time. If the light is more and then next step is cover the window with white sheet. That limits the light coming inside the room. Then we can have small LED light for focusing for extra more light.

Movement of light in all directions 

Now we can see the shadow clearly 

Photos Speak A lot of words. when you are taking a photo of Bonsai , that photo should speak about mind and your creation.

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