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Aug 25, 2020

Perfect way to grow Branch cuttings and getting a thick trunk Bonsai in less time

Most of the trees can be grown from branches.

For multiplying trees from branches here are the few tips to follow , then one can be successful developing cut branches into huge trees.

Seasons : Most important is weather plays a big role in development of branches. into plants. For this environment should be friendly with lots comfortable weather for its plants growth. First is Rainy season which is perfect for its plants growth. During this season branch cuttings planted in soil can develop roots in less time because of cool temperatures and moisture. Second best season is Spring season that is February and March. During this time weather is pleasant and comfortable for plants development. during this time day becomes longer and will be more sunlight and weather will be warm and plants will have more fresh green leaves. Branch cuttings planted in soil will have more comfortable time to develop more roots and can become individual plants in shorter time.

Perfect cut: A perfect cut from a healthy Branch of a tree if more important. first select a hale and healthy branch and make cut in 45 degrees angle with a sharp knife below the node of a leaf because roots develop below the leaves. one more important thing keep at least one node on the stem, so from that leaf axil buds development will be there. In nature most of the plants develop roots below the leaf node, But some plants develop roots at inter nodal space also.

 As soon as a cut is made keep that branch in a tub filled with water. by keeping like this it prevents the branch cells from drying out. if the cut portion becomes dry, development of roots will be difficult branch can die back. Keep it in water only for little time till your potting soil is ready. Once it is ,then shift cut Branch to the potting bag.

Potting Soil: Potting soil for development of roots from branches should have proper drainage and hold the moisture. When Moisture retention capacity is more it activates the cell and will have more progress in roots development. Soil should not be more water or less water, it should be just enough for its growth. There should be free flow of Oxygen in the soil which is more important for the cuttings of the branch to develop roots. For this Best soil is Coco peat or perlite or peat moss or vermiculate sometimes sand. Take a plastic bag or pot fill with cocopeat or any other potting soil.

Use of Root all hormone: There three ranges of root all hormone is available in market. Light Medium and strong root hormones. Take medium root hormone. Take out the branch cutting from water and apply Root all hormone at the base where cut was made and place it in the potting soil and water the branch. One more thing if you don"t have rooting hormone , home made hormone is Honey and cinnamon powder mix them together and apply on the cut area. it also acts as Rooting hormone, Honey is glucose gives energy to develop roots and cinnamon powder acts as insecticide or fungicide.

Watering: Now very important one is watering. Keep the potting soil moist by watering daily. It will takes three to five months to develop roots. Then the the branch will be a plant on its own. It can be shifted a pot with garden soil.

Below are some photos how the development of roots are taking place

As soon as a cut is made, keep it in the soil. keep a garden bag ready for the branch to be kept. . Then mix soil and cocopeat equal portions, mix them and put it in a garden bag. Take branch cutting, place it in a bag and keep it in a shady place and water the branch cutting. Wait for two to three months until the branch develops roots and let it grow it . then after three months supply fertilizers for  more growth..  Next year you can shift it into a Bonsai pot. Sometimes you can keep it in the garden bag for more than three to five years for more growth and thickening of the trunk line.

Root Development from a Branch cutting

Let the branch grow for three months. Once the roots developed, shift the plant to a good soil with manure. Then after one year start training as Bonsai plant. Most of the Bonsai plants we are getting from nursery are developed from Branch cuttings.                                                                          


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