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Aug 9, 2020

Bonsai Clump style

Clump Style Or Sprout Style 

Clump style Bonsai. It is one of the foremost ,beautiful style in Bonsai. According to the Great grand Master John Naka Sprout style is mentioned as Clump Style.
Grand Master John Yoshio Naka with his Goshin  (means protector of spirits ) Bonsai.

 Goshin is protector of spirit is the name of this planting with junipers cheninsis plants named after his eleven grand children. In 1984 he donated it to National Bonsai Foundation    to be at US National Arberetum.  It is a Master Piece of all the time.
 Clump means a group of plants growing closely together. In clump style more than three plants up to 11 or more will be planted together as if they are growing in close nit as they are growing in group. 
According to some Bonsai masters clump style is also called as multi trunk style. In nature when seeds fall on the ground together at one place they sprout out shoots and all the shoots grow together make a clump style or sprout style.
The photo shows all the shoots are coming from one place. Custard apple fruit contains many seeds inside. Each seed has growing potential as a individual Custard tree. If the all seeds sprout out in to individual plants from a single fruit close together , they will look like Clump style. for example below photo explains it. 


Plants that can be grown in to Clump Style

Some of the plants are that can be grown as Clump style. Below given are only examples . Many plants can be grown in to Sprout style.
Ficus Benjamina, Tamarind, Subabul, Pine, Redwood, Ashoka, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus retusa, Tigerbark, most of the Ficus varieties, jade, Maple, juniper. Chinese elm, Boxwood..

How to start growing a Clump Style 

Select seeds of a plant which you are growing them in to Clump style. Place them  in seed germinating tray and keep moisture in the tray, so the seeds develop in to shoots, They may take from few days some weeks. 
Some plants like Ficus Benjamina plant can be grown from cuttings. We can place the cuttings in the soil and let them develop roots. these rooted Ficus plants can be made in to clump style.

Germinating seeds become individual plants, allow them to become strong as independent plants. 
Each  Plant is having its own root system. They have their own root stock and staring point. In Clump style Each Plant will have its own origin. when we are placing them we bring together as if they are growing in a group they look like multiple trunks of same plant.
Plants look like they belong to single root stock. Below is a subabul Plants made in to Clump style.

 Some times  a single plant with multiple trunks is also called as Clump Style. In this Clump style Plant is only one and the root system is also only one. These trunks can not be separated they combined. If any time, want change the placement of the plants we can not do it in multi trunk style. 

In Clump style we choose plants of same species. One more point in Clump Style when you are selecting Plants 3 or 5 or 7 , select the plants like that if the main plant is straight the other plants also follow the same  rule. These rules of number of plants in Clump style are given for our convenience as a beginner to Bonsai art. If the style  looking perfect with four plants you can go with it. because nature wont follow these rules.
If the main plant is having curves select the remaining also curved plants. So there will be Harmony among the plants. The main plant is the tall one which will be  main attraction of entire style. And also Placement  of plants plays a very important role in Clump style. 


This is one way of placement. Number one is the tallest plant will be placed leaving a viewing place in front of the main plant. So  there will be more depth for the style which gives a realistic look to the plant. Smaller plants will be kept behind and on sides. The arrangement should be like that there will be no two plants in the same line. That is the Natural way of arrangement as if the creation is as Natural as it is in Nature. For example if you are driving a car on a hill station , we find Big trees on our both sides and smaller ones at the horizon. We should feel like as if the realistic forest is in front of you. 
Bonsai is Nothing but it is creating trees in artistic way as if it is created by our Nature.
Clump Style is one of the Beautiful Styles of Bonsai owned by Great Grand Bonsai Masters. We are following their foot steps.

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