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Jul 19, 2020

Difference between a Branch and Twin Trunk Style Bonsai

Styling a Bonsai plant is most important thing and it gives impressive look to the plant.  Long back when I started learning Bonsai, I used to think that the lower branch as another trunk and thought that style is a Multi Trunk style. After interacting with Bonsai masters and with experience I learnt the difference. I would like to share with all my Bonsai lovers. In the initial stages of learning Bonsai, we get many doubts. That is natural and one of them is to know the Bonsai plant in front of you is a multiple trunk or it is having branch at lower portion of the trunk line which looks as another trunk. What is branch and what is another trunk, there is a lot of difference in both branch and twin trunk or multiple trunks.

To get a clear view of it, Keep the plant in front of you, rotate it, study the plant all sides front, back, left and right. Remove the soil at the base of the main trunk line and expose the trunk line clearly till the first root appears. By doing this the branch coming from the base of the trunk line may be a branch or another trunk. If it is originating from the base of the trunk, then it will be another trunk. If it is growing on little above from the base of the plant it will be a Branch. Or if it is growing along the trunk line base it will be another trunk. once you are clear with this concept, we can style the plant with having an idea of making it in to a Bonsai tree.

The Branch is the one which grows on trunk. Multi trunks are trunks are  the ones that developed at the base of the main trunk. 


If the Bonsai plant trunk line is developed two trunks from the base where the root system is seen, then it will be a Twin Trunk style Bonsai. At that position If more than two trunks are there it will be Multi Trunk Bonsai. Now we know the difference between branch and multi trunk Bonsai. Friends I feel like sharing with you all.

Lastly but most beautiful thought and reality is Bonsai is an art of aesthetically created artistic trees that express nature's Identity. We can say Nature is our Best teaches in Our Bonsai Art.

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