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Jun 26, 2020

How to make mango plant in to a Bonsai tree. Part One

Mango Bonsai
Mango is a favorite plant of many Bonsai lovers. When the plant is bending with heaviness of the fruits its magnificent look, no one wants to miss that glance of beauty of the plant. With little care Mango plants gives back more fruits . Making mango plant  in to a Bonsai mango  tree is involves lots of patience.Mango plant can be grown from seed and it can be grown from grafted plants also. when mango growing from seed it takes lots of time to give fruits. If it is growing in ground it takes five to ten years to start fruiting. Then if it is growing in a pot it takes more longer time at least 10 years because of its limited space in the pot. Not only that it is due to due to irregular practice of giving fertilizes missing the re -potting time also one of the factor to make the plant to slow down fruiting stage. If one can take care of these factors it can arrive its fruiting stage in less than eight years. 

This Mango plant is growing from a grafted material and started giving fruits at an age of three years. When the plant is in growing stage if one can provide with proper fertilizers it attain its mature stage as early as  possible as if  it is growing in the ground. once it started giving fruits, plant is shifted to Bonsai pot. I feel mango plant can be made in to Bonsai when it starts flowering and giving fruits, because without fruits one can not enjoy mango Bonsai. 
Nursery plant is shifting to a Bonsai pot.
Before  making Mango as a Bonsai half of the soil is removed without disturbing the roots and some soil is left it on the plant. so  settlement the plant in Bonsai pot will be comfortable with its old soil near the roots. Then the survival chances of the plant will be good,  it is mostly when we are doing repotting during hot season months.
Always re potting depends on of any Bonsai plant depends on many factors. 
1. Species of the plant 
2. Age of the plant       
3. Health of the plant   
4. Tropics or Region of the country 
5. Climate of the country weather conditions
Species of the plant : The plants have different root systems. The root system of some of the are fibrous root system, some plants like mango have tap root system. While re potting we shouldn't cut complete taproot, keeping one third of tap root depending on the health of fibrous feeder roots. If fibrous roots are healthy, we can shorten tap root. The fibrous or feeder roots close to the main trunk line should not be removed.  They help the plant to survive the stress of re potting.  

 Age of the plant : Age of the plant makes lots of difference in Re potting. If the plant is young repotting to be done once in a year otherwise at least once in two years. that makes the plant to develop more feeder roots which absorbs more nutrients and the plant growth will be fast and plant gains enegry to develop more branches.

Health of the plant : Health of the is compulsory . If the plant is not healthy re potting makes the plant weak, because of the re potting the plant under going strain and it may lead plant to develop more pressure it may lead plant to die back.
Tropics or Region of the country : There are mainly three types of zones are there on Earth. one is tropics and another is temperate and polar. In tropical Zone area the temperature are always hot , hotter , hottest. that time temperatures will go as high as more than 40 degrees.if  care cant be taken after re potting  during that time survival chances of plant will be less.  In temperate zone temperature will cold and the plants growing in those regions will be having winter dormancy. During dormancy period plants go in to hibernation because of cold weather, there wont any development . so it is not advisable to do re potting during that time.
Climate of the country weather conditions: Re potting time  also depends on seasons. the plant development during spring season more . That is the best time to do re potting of the plant. 

Wiring is done by just bending the branches and tieing them to the main trunk line.Mango Plant grows in any type of soil its not choosy. mostly it likes acidic soil for proper growth. Garden soil , sand not fine sand and manure these are the main ingredients of soil. Once the plant settles start Fertilizing with NPK fertilizers. While in growing stage Nitrogen fertilizer is compulsory, after five years potash and phosphate fertilizer is needed for the plant to have a healthy crop, Start fertilizing before or early spring season  to get more fruits. Once the flowering season is over, cut back the branches and provide the plant with good food. Sometimes spraying liquid fertilizers benefit  the plant with more nutrients and energy for the plant to be ready for next season. 

The Photo Below  is the Plant After Six months

To make your Mango plant ready for next season flowering ,  We have to start preparing in August and September months.First let the soil dry for four days and Remove the top soil two to three inches and fill that space with organic manure like cow dung or any organic manure and add DAP fertilizer for more flowers and fruits.
Re potting of young mango Bonsai  can be done once in a year in rainy season, then if the plant is more than ten years old re potting to be is once in three years. 
Mango Bonsai is a Beautiful tree with hanging Mango fruits.

Enjoy Growing mango Bonsai..



Tarang said...

Hi, I have just planted a mango seed which has germinated in a small plant (4 - 5 inches), I am confused if I need to cut the tap root now and replant it in bonsai pot or should I wait? Can you please guide?

Bonsai kapilaas said...

Hi, Tarang your plant is very small and young plant dont cut any roots now, let it grow for one year and if possible send me photo of your plant.

seostar2 said...

IA suggests that those trees store and use memories of combinations for recognition. nature