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May 11, 2020

How to make a Shohin Bonsai of Buxus

Shohin Bonsai are the small Bonsais of small in size means , Height of these Bonsais are below 8 inches. Usually Miniature Bonsais are classified in to three sections depending on their heights.
Shohin Bonsai is of below 8 inches
Mame Bonsai is of below  6 inches
Shito Bonsai is of below  3 inches
Keishi Bonsai is of below  1 inch
Developing styling a miniature Bonsai is a difficult job of creating a style. Plant will having less no of branches and the size of the plant is also small. selection of a will be a ramification is very selective job.
Here in this post Buxus microphylla is selected and made into shohin bin of below 8 inches. Now we will go  in to detail transformation of nursery plant in to shohin  Bonsai is explained . Then after studying this we will go to other small Bonsais. 
Buxus plant was bought from a nursery long back may be 8 to 9 years back. I will share photo of the plant that time.
In nature we will see many different styles of Plants . One of it is Multitrunked plants. Multi trunk Trees are having the habit of developing more sprouts from the base of the tree, but only some will survive and become multi trunk style.


First photo is the plant bought from nursery. it was kept like that for two years. then started working on the plant. By studying the plant I thought of this plant has a good potential to be a multi trunk or Raft style and to become a shohin Bonsai. then work was started on keeping the future style of the Bonsai by removing  the branches which were not fitting in to Bonsai design. I stared working in spring . 
Second photo i exposed the main trunk line by eliminating branches and keeping some selected one and did ramification by clip and grow method . then I kept the plant at a sunny place and did regular fertilizing. My Buxus Shohin Bonsai became strong and ready for next ramification.
Then slowly Plant is started getting new leaves.

Below is videolink to see how plant is transformed to shohin Bonsai

The above link will clearly will show you how the Boxwood plant made in to a  Shohin Bonsai..i will share recent photo of the plant

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