Bonsai Kapilaas : How to make a Jin on Boxus Bonsai


Aug 17, 2019

How to make a Jin on Boxus Bonsai

JIN is the creation of Dead wood on a Bonsai tree. Usually when natural disaster like lighting or heavy winds or drought happens some of the branches dry off and it shows struggle for survive of the plant. Some of the branches dries off because of  natural calamity and entire branch will be died making that branch  as a Jinned branch. Jin gives a aged personality to the plant. Below is a photo of Naturally formed jin on a plant.

Here we would like to show beginners in detail step by step with videos How to make Jin on a Bonsai Plant. 
This Boxus Plant was chosen to make it in to Bonsai because of its trunk line structure and heaviness of the branches, after seeing its beauty thought of making one of the branches in to jin one of the branch selected and made into jin after removing the bark and branch was wired to give a curve shape, Other branches were also wired, given a shape to the plant. For almost One year plant is allowed to grow, only cutting and pruning was done, But due to heavy summer this year plant was effected and most of the branches were dried out. Felt so bad and shifted the plant to another place, it started growing again, but some of the branches dried out. then thought of making dried branches into jin. then the plant totally changed in to another beautiful style , I would like to share my Bonsai plant reformation with all my Bonsai friends.
During  workshop plant is given a shape.


For one year plant is kept at one place , then we shocked to see the dry branches on the plant. all most all the branches were dead , only main trunk line is healthy. taking the advantage of dry branches, started jinning . Jin and shari are dry branches on Bonsai. jinning is removing the bark of the branch and it will be given a shape. When bark of main trunk of Bonsai is removed is it called shari. Shari and Jin give a different matured look to Bonsai. Artistic creation of Jin and Shari makes the plant more aged look and it makes the Bonsai more beautiful. to make Jin we need some tools like sharp knife, jinning scissors , sand paper , concave cutter or knob cutter.

First clean the main trunk line of the plant and decision to be taken which branches are to be made into Jin. once you decide start removing the bark of the dried breaches. and branches are are exposed , one can see the smooth surface of the branch.

  Here main trunk line is cleaned by removing the unwanted branches. It gives a great look to the trunk line.

Clean the branch by removing dried secondary branches. then remove the bark with sharp knife.

Most of the branches were made into Jin branches

Plant is having good surface roots , some of the roots selected and other roots were trimmed down.

       Finished Bonsai with Jin                         Natural Jin formation on a tree
Then the plant is placed in Bonsai pot with having a new style.
Each step of jinning is expalined in the below link.

Making Jin Of Bonsai Plant explained step by step in the following Link
Jinning on Boxus Bonsai

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