Bonsai Kapilaas : Technique in pruning bonsai trees


May 2, 2019

Technique in pruning bonsai trees

A Bonsai plant becomes a Beautiful Bonsai tree by proper pruning ,cutting and shaping. Bonsai shaping is like artist giving a character to the plant. Importance of pruning is giving a style to the Bonsai tree. In Bonsai art Many styles are given by Bonsai Masters, each style is a replica of huge trees growing in nature. For a Bonsai artist it is essential to understand basic styles, to train and maintain a bonsai tree.
Pruning is main important procedure in Bonsai. The growth and shape of the plant depends on how you are doing pruning, where you make a cut is more important to the growth of the future Bonsai plant. If you are asking for basic technique just cutting the plant branch and leaves superficially and giving a shape like umbrella is easy. just remove the unwanted branches at the base of the main stem , leaving top and giving a shape is basic pruning. if you want a style to the plant then you have to follow some steps.
Below are the images of Basic styling of a Bonsai plant

Bonsai always represents minimalist approach to the life just like Zen Buddhism, it express peace, harmony, balance of nature , its a true replica of a tree in miniature form. significantly most of the Bonsai trees will be in pyramid shape because just like pyramid it collects energy from universe and spreads around in to the atmosphere.
In Bonsai Art selection of branches is the key for shaping and styling a plant, depending on the thickness of the trunk primary branch will be selected, it should be little thinner in diameter when compared to the trunk. secondary branch more thinner than primary one. Branch selection should be like that they spread in all directions like,on right side one branch, left another or vice-versa, back another branch, as we go up branching will be in spiral form on the trunk line. always primary branch will be little longer and thicker than secondary branch. secondary branch will be longer than third branch. Here we are flowing the styling of branches as if in nature. As the tree it starts giving branches, older branches at the base of trunk line will be thicker As we go up to the top we will see slim branches at top of the plant. Before cutting down the branches put a white sheet behind the branch, one can see clearly the flow of the trunk line and the branch. If any branch to be removed cover that branch and observe the other branches. As john Naka said three " H " are very important one is Head to think about the future shape of the plant, second is Heart to cut the branch gently and third H is Hand which follows the instructions of the other two.

Giving proper shape to a Bonsai plant is most important chapter in Bonsai Art. All Bonsai lovers will think of having a beautiful Bonsai. Beauty to comes to the plant through correct training and pruning methods. They have significant role in giving a pleasing look to a Bonsai plant.
Training a Bonsai tree is Cutting at correct place that is node of the plant where the leaf starts growing. Knowing about function of the node is more important before making a cut on a Bonsai plant. All plants have nodes and inter nodes. Nodes and inter nodes are important parts of Plant Biology. Appropriate growth of Bonsai plant dependents on correct cut at a proper node of the plant. Without nodes, the plant cannot develop leaves or branches.

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