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Mar 8, 2019

Easy and Fast Growing Bonsai

What plant is good for growing easy and fast Bonsai trees?

This  question asked in by a bonsai artist. 

The hard, fast and easy growing plant is Ficus benjamina. There are more than 150 varieties of Ficus trees are available in nature.  Most of the varieties are hard and easy growing. Most of the Ficus plants can grow up to 100 ft and these trees have life span more than 100 yrs.
Ficus is a Ficus plant can be shaped into any style and this plant responds well for styling by developing new branches and giving the plant a fully developed  tree like appearance. It can be grown from cuttings. that gives ficus bonsai a aged old look in a short time.The trunk line of this plant becomes thick in short time when compared to other plants

For beginners, who are new to Bonsai art Ficus is good variety to grow as a Bonsai tree, some varieties of Ficus plants can give falls or aerial roots which gives a mature look to the Bonsai plant, Ficus is a hard plant stands well for cutting, pruning and root cutting. 
It can tolerate little dryness in between watering.  Small size leaf plants like Ficus nuda, Ficus retusa, Ficus microcarpa are good for growing them in to mame or shohin ( small )Bonsai. One main character is size of the leaf reduces fast when ficus made in to a Bonsai plant. Ficus plant can be grown in fast draining with good garden soil mixture. This plant doesn't need high nutrient organic soil. 

Ficus plants can be grown from seeds, cuttings. 
They can be grown as indoor and out door plants also. When they are growing as indoor plants  proper lighting  arrangement is most important to plant to grow healthy.  Regular fertilizing helps the plant to grow properly and quickly. Well drained soil is important for its healthy growth of ficus plant.
Having Umbrella shaped Ficus Bonsai with lots of aerial roots with good  root system showing over the soil with a sitting Budha underneath the tree is a dream for Bonsai artist. 
Any time Bonsai art needs Lots of patience and interest towards the plants. It is not an one day art, It is a live art. Days, months and years of rapport with the plant makes that plant into a Beautiful Bonsai tree. As Great Grand Bonsai master John Naka Says "The Object of Making Bonsai not to look like a Bonsai, but to make Bonsai look like a tree".
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