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Mar 10, 2019

Bonsai Art for Beginners

Bonsai is an art, Enthusiasm to learn, creativity to style a plant, makes you a great Bonsai artist. it is a live art. One can start Bonsai making by attending Bonsai classes regularly near by area where you are staying . That is the way one to one coaching will be there , your master will teach you with hands on experience. so your plants will be in safe hands. if any thing goes wrong with the plant master will be there to guide you properly.
Another way of learning Bonsai is by watching videos of Bonsai. This way is trail and error method. sometimes you will be successful by making a Bonsai plant, other times you lost some plants.
One more method is attending on line classes, that is master will be on other side of tv and you will be watching his Bonsai making live class, here one can talk with the masters and interaction will be there, your questions will be answered.
One can make Bonsai by reading books, and can start making your own Bonsai .
By attending Bonsai exhibitions and having discussions with Bonsai people also helps to get some knowledge in Bonsai making.
Bonsai is nothing but it is replica of nature, When you are looking at Bonsai plant it should look like huge tree growing in shallow container in a miniature form.
Bonsai plant making is pioneering in to the Art of Bonsai, This art needs lots of concentration, patience. Many Years of rapport with the Bonsai plant gives a beautiful matured Bonsai. To make good looking Bonsai, it needs years of training like pruning, wiring, shaping.
You can follow my blog how to make a bonsai plant.

A Bonsai after many years of training              Ficus Bonsai Under training              

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