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Feb 20, 2019

Taking care of Bonsai Plants during Summer on open Terrace

Taking care of Bonsai Plants during Summer

All tropical Bonsai trees are out door plants. They need minimum sunlight for its rapid growth. So, Bonsai trees should be kept in sun light for 5 to 6 hours when kept on open terrace they grow happily, growth of the plant will be compact and when sunlight is falling from all directions there is possibility of overall growth in plant. There will be advantage of more branch development, for its healthy growth. Bonsai plants should be exposed and grown in all-natural surroundings just like other plants growing outside in nature. They should be kept open for all seasons summer, rainy, winter. Spring.
Some care is to be taken when you are putting your plants on open terrace. Plants which are kept in morning sunlight up to 10AM or evening 3 to 5PM During summer season, or plants kept in shadow of big trees not any need extra care. 
In our city Pune during summer months after February temperature go up to 37degrees centigrade, sometimes in April and May they will reach peak up to 40 degrees. During this season moisture or humidity in the atmosphere is less, evaporation and transpiration from the soil and plants will be more. Soil becomes dry quickly and plants becomes weak due more water evaporated from the small pores called as stomata of the leaves of the plant. There are chances of leaf burn due to hot atmospheric temperature, because of low humidity in the soil of bonsai pot.  Water loss of the plant increases the chances of plant getting infected with various viruses and fungus.      

              Best way to protect our bonsai plants in summer months.  

1) Water plays a main role during summer. Water the plant twice a day. if it is a very hot day don’t water the plant in mid afternoon, because the hot soil of the Bonsai pot and the water can damage sensitive roots. Misting or spraying of water Regular watering at frequent intervals is very important during these months.  

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  2) During summer months when temperature is more than 30   degrees centigrade cover the plants with a green net or Keep the   plants in a shady place, so the evaporation of water from the soil   and plants will be reduced. Bonsai plants can be kept in big tray   filled with little water, so water moisture from the bottom of the   bonsai pot keeps the plant moist.
 3) Cover the soil with moss and keep moss moist.
 4) It is better to fertilize during spring season and reduce frequency   of fertilizing during summer months when temperatures than 30   degrees.       
5) Cutting and pruning of Bonsai trees can be done sparingly depending on the growth of the plant. Never do Drastic pruning during hot summer months if the plant is completely exposed to the sunlight.

                          Taking care of the plant during Rainy season
Rainy season is good season for growth of the plants. During rainy season some guidelines to be followed for the health of the plants.

1) Water should be reduced, over watering can damage the plants. If it is not raining for continuously for 3 to 4 days, if the soil is dry then plant can be watered, if any water tray is placed underneath the Bonsai pot during summer months remove it and check water drainage of bonsai soil. 

2) Cover the soil with moss or jute cloth, when the plant is placed directly on open terrace so Bonsai soil can’t be washed away from the pot with heavy rains.

3) Fertilize the plant at regular intervals, it plays a main role during rainy season, take care the fertilizer should not been washed away with rains.

4) Wiring and pruning can be done during rainy season,   old wires of the plant can be removed and rewire it again.
5) Bonsai plants are be taken care during rainy season, there are chances of plant can get affected by insects. Check the plants regularly, if any change in leaves just like bitten by insects or curled leaves remove them and place the plant at a distance from other plants and spray fungicide.
These are the main guidelines to flow during summer and rainy season, it helps the plant to grow healthily and it will have a rapid growth so the plant looks like a matured Bonsai.
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