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Jul 3, 2018

Banyan Bonsai from cuttings

Almost all Banyan Bonsai trees are grown from cuttings . Branch takes several weeks to some months to produce roots. when the plant is developing new roots and setteled, one can see the change in shoot system also, trunk line start gives new buds, leaves and branches. The Branch start growing. Allow the plant to grow at least for one year in the nursery bag / plastic bag. Then next year you can change it into a bonsai pot with proper training. Proper training means making the branch look like a tree in miniature form by cutting, pruning, wiring.
Here I am showing some plants grown from branches and are going to be as Bonsai trees after several years. These plants are just one or two years old plants.

As Great Grand Bonsai master John Naka Says "The Object of Making Bonsai not to look like a Bonsai, but to make Bonsai look like a tree". Bonsai tree meaning is it is miniature form of a tree growing in nature.
Any plant made from Branch cuttings it takes several years to look like a bonsai tree. 

This is little matured Banyan tree of 25 years. Any time a single mature Banyan Tree will have many trunks and support roots which gives the appearance of a many trees combined together or forest look of many trees. Banyan is a tropical plant and can be made into a Bonsai from branches. It is a Bonsai lovers Dream plant.

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