Bonsai Kapilaas : Making Bonsai Soil

Jun 23, 2018

Making Bonsai Soil

Bonsai Soil Making

        The main ingredients for the development of the plant or any  living being is earth , air , water, sunlight and the open space  that is sky. On earth different varieties of soils are available. Clay soil is the one which is just like clay material, if you fold your hand with soil in it, it will become like a ball. Another is the red soil and other is the sand and some soils are the mixtures of this. The Bonsai plant grows in a small shallow container, with very less soil in it, so we have to provide the plant with necessary ingredients for its healthy growth.
        So the main and important medium for growth of the Bonsai plants is the Bonsai soil. It is a specially prepared soil which contains soil, manure for nutrients, conditioners and moisturizers. The required percentage of Ingredients of the soil differs from species to species.

        The porosity and water retention property of the soil depends on the type of the soil we are using. The plants growing in rain forests are having different root system due to their nature of the soil they are growing. Depending on the place they are living plants adapted to that environment, so we will see lot of variation of plants in tropical temperate regions.

          The study of plant species and its origin is more important when you are preparing the soil per that particular plant. The basic Bonsai soil is of two types, Bottom soil and the top soil. Bottom soil contains equal size of brick pieces.

Bottom soil

Take the brick pieces and pass it through a sieve which is having holes of 2 for 2.5 centimeters. Take the down the sieved portion and again sieve it through a sieve contains 4 holes for 2.5centimeters.The top brick pieces reaming in the sieve is the bottom bonsai soil. The brick pieces have the nature of holding the water for more time. They hold water and take air from the drainage holes and in turn they act as air conditioners in keeping the root system cooool. 

Video shows How to make Bonsai Soil

Bonsai soil
 Bonsai soil is the main medium to keep the plant.for making Bonsai soil we need 
Garden soil, Brick pieces, Manure, Vrmiculate, Perlite, Cocopeat
                 This is Garden soil.
Now take, sieved down   portion of brick pieces and again sieve through a fine holed sieve and throw out the down portion of fine brick power. The top small brick pieces will be used in making Bonsai soil. Now this is the time to sieve the garden soil in the same manner and keep it a side.
 Small Brick Pieces Sieved through one more sieve 


Take Per-lite and cocopeat


Take completely dried, powered organic manure of one portion and one portion of sieved gardensoil.


Mix them completely by adding half or one fourth of sieved small brick pieces depending on the plant for which you are making Bonsai soil. Then add one third of cocopeat and perlite /vermiculite.

Mix all the ingredients and keep the soil in hot sun for a week or ten days. Other wise you can sterilize the soil and cool it for two days. This is the Bonsai soil for the Bonsai plants.

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