Bonsai Kapilaas : Chinese Banyan / Chinese Ficus tree care and maintenance

Jun 3, 2018

Chinese Banyan / Chinese Ficus tree care and maintenance

Chinese Banyan / Chinese Ficus tree care  and maintenance 

Chinese Banyan plant belongs to Ficus family and it can be called as fig. These plats are little hard varieties, they are good for beginners as a Bonsai plant , the natural shape it self will be in umbrella shape . Ficus plant is a tropical plant it needs lot of sunlight of 4 to 5 hours. During the summer months there are chances of leaf burning and Turning them  to brown colour due to excess heat. move the plant away from sunlight that time and keep it in a shady place. water twice a day during summer months. plant needs little dryness in between watering during winter and rainy season. soil should have proper drainage for proper grow of the plant. the plant needs cutting and pruning of branches, cut back two leaves after branch has developed  5 to 6 leaves. new shoots starts to grow on older branches once pruning is done by removing the new buds. plant needs regular fertilizing for its proper growth.   

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