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Jan 20, 2018

Selection of Branches for styling Bonsai Plant - Part one

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How to style a Bonsai tree,
In Bonsai Art selection of  branches is the key for shaping and styling a plant,  depending on the thickness of the trunk primary branch will be selected, it should be little thinner in diameter when compared to the trunk. secondary branch  more thinner than primary one. Branch selection should be like that they spread in all directions like,on right side one branch, left another or vice-versa, back another branch, as we go up branching will be in spiral form on the  trunk line. always primary branch will be little longer and thicker than secondary branch. secondary branch will be longer than third branch. Here we are flowing the styling of branches as if in nature. As the tree it starts giving branches, older branches at the base of trunk line will be thicker   As we go up to the top we will see  slim branches at top of the plant. Before cutting down the branches put a white sheet behind the branch, one can see clearly the flow of the trunk line and the branch. If any branch  to be removed cover that branch and observe the other branches. As john Naka said three " H " are very important one is Head to think  about the future shape of the plant, second is Heart  to cut the branch  gently  and third H is Hand  which follows the instructions  of  the other two.
In shaping a plant Branches play main important role giving a character to the plant that is the style of the plant. Our creativeness depends on the out put of the plant style. First study the plant in all directions, that is front and back or other side, Every nursery plant is having front and back side because in a nursery they stocked in groups adjustment to one another, plant facing the sunlight side will have more branches and other side which is close to another plant will have less branches. 
Before wiring and cutting Some basic rules we have to follow, these rules are framed by experienced Bonsai masters which are guide lines to follow for Beginners in Bonsai art.

One of the best way of getting an idea of styling a plant is to draw a picture of the plant how it will look like in future, with this drawing one will come to know which are the branches to keep and how to shape the plant by wiring.

First clear all wild plants, grass, dried branches at the base of trunk. if the plant is in a pot take out the plant from pot, if  the plant is in a bag remove the bag. Clear soil near the base of the trunk line and expose trunk. Remove all shoots coming up at the base of the trunk.

If there any two Branches originating from same place remove one of them, because there will be bulging at that point and it will look ugly, so it is better to remove one branch for smooth flow of  trunk line.

If plant is having growing two Branches and leaves exactly on opposite sides of the trunk line right and left side of the trunk, remove one of them. if right branch is removed at primary level of the trunk ,then remove left branch on secondary level, so there will be a spiral placement of branches in all directions.

Branches growing and facing directly towards your side called eye protruding branches. these branches disturbs clear vision of the trunk line. It is better to remove these branches.
If the branches which are growing straight up or down wont merge with the style of the plant, they can be removed. If  branches are less in number and  they are flexible, we can wire these branches and bend then as the way we wish to give a graceful look to the plant.

If Primary branch is thin when compared to secondary branch, make secondary branch as primary branch by removing primary branch.
Below is the Video which shows how to select branches for styling a Bonsai plant.

How to select Branches for Bonsai a tree


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In the Next Blog I would like to show how to draw future plant and wiring and shaping.
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