Bonsai Kapilaas : Bonsai Tamarind

Oct 27, 2017

Bonsai Tamarind

                                             Bonsai Tamarind


My Bonsai Tamarind tree leaves started turning yellow just like last year, usually the autumn season in is August and September that is Sharad Rutuvu ,. During this season leaves of deciduous trees turn in to yellow colour and fall of in Fall season then it gives new growth of fresh green leaves
The plant looks so pretty with yellow leaves and with a slight movement of breeze makes the leaves fall like a shower, it’s a pleasing look in the morning to watch yellow carpet of leaves below the plant. With Bonsai art I am feeling fresh and enjoying the beauty of nature in my Balcony. I am with Nature that feeling makes me so relaxing.

How to do re potting of tamarind plant.
Tamarind Repotting

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