Bonsai Kapilaas : Sequence Flower Bouquet


Jun 18, 2017

Sequence Flower Bouquet

      Hand made Sequence Flowers

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     These Flowers are made and kept a side, Step by step
      making of Flowers explained  step by step in previous



      Some more Flowers


      Bouquet making step by step


      Materials needed are One inch depth Rectangular 

      box, One Small Ganapathi or any other statue, 

      Floral sponge. For Ganapathi Mukut ( crown ).


     Cut the edge of the box as shown in the photo.

     Stick two boxes at an angle. Stick a lace to the 

     front side and sides of the box, so the front face

     looks attractive with lace.


     Floral sponge to kept with sellotape and it is 

     covered with netted cloth. And with glue gun 

     stick Ganapathi at the corner where cut 

     was made.


   Arranging flowers, first fill the back with long 

   stick flowers.



   Now We are using sequence flowers, the flowers

   are not having sticks , so we have to make one by 

   cutting cardboard 1/1 square pieces put glue on 

   it keep a stick at the back of  the flower and stick 

   card board at the back of the flower.





   Below is artistically arranged sequence flowers


   The speciality of this bouquet is Every thing is handmade

   and  it will be a #special , #unique , #classicgift .

   Finished Bouquet is ready to gift it to your loved ones.


     Flower making material is available with us, we can 

     ship to your address. Our face book page link is 

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