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May 1, 2017

Bonsai - favorite subabul

My Favorite Bonsai Plant Subabul

By kapilaascreations

Everybody person who has practiced bonsai for a long timeE would have a special tree with which he will have special bonding. This tree would always have something special associated with it in spite of being simple and old.

a nice start needed here……………………

Subabul or Leguminosae Mimosoideae as it is commonly called in the scientific circles is one of my favorite Bonsai materials. It is a fairly common This is tropical growing plant, responds well to cutting and pruning and grows fast. It can grow to a height of sixty to seventy feet and has bi-pinnate compound leaves. The flowers are small and yellow in color. They develop in to flower pods of long four to five inches.

My Favourite Bonsai Plant Subabul
   I started practicing Bonsai around 15 years back this particular specimen  was my first true Bonsai. Its strong and resilient nature saw it tide through  some of my initial years as a Bonsai enthusiast, and over this long course of  time we have come closer together. I no longer look at it as tree but more as a  very close friend who has been with me always.

My Favourite Bonsai Plant Subabul,Bonsai plan
My Subabul Plant
   I grew interested in this tree when we were living in a bungalow in long back.There was a tall Subabul  tree growing in my front lawns and that       
inspired me 
   I collected my Subabul in 1986 with my 6 years old     son, who came with me and helped me in digging
with his tiny little hands ,and care was taken not to     hurt roots,then  the plant was planted in a bag with garden soil.  the plant  grew healthily ,we started     styling the plant by wiring and trimming the   branches,After  Two years it  was shifted  to a
square  mud  pot .
  In 1993 I became a member of BCI Bonsai club, It gave   me lots of knowledge and helped me to style and shape   my plant in correct direction .I got confidence and started jinning on my plant step by step by reading   articles and observing plants in the magazine. it was so amazing the plant won many awards and running           trophies for many consecutive years .
   Now My Bonsai Subabul is in Kishkindha Moolika Garden in Mysore under careful hands of shri.Ganapathi  Sachidanada Swamiji . Some of   my other Bonsai plants are also 
there in the garden. I am  Happy and Proud to  say it is  one among the most beautiful           Plants  collected from all  over  Asia and  standing  tall  with   other  Master  pieces. 
Some time back we made a visit to the Garden ,As soon as we entered the garden my         eyes searched for my plant, I felt very emotional and  eyes became wet .It is healthy
and growing  nicely. 
Always we have emotional affinity with our plants like kids.

 My Favorite Bonsai Plant Subabul


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