Bonsai Kapilaas : Flower Arrangement in a Coconut shell


May 14, 2017

Flower Arrangement in a Coconut shell

     Flower Arrangement in Coconut shell  

                       flowerarrangement in coconutshell        

  Artistic Flower Arrangement in a coconut shell 


               Empty Coconut is cleaned, made a flat base so that the shell sit properly when arrangement was made. Then surface smoothed with sand paper and varnish or clear paint was put on the shell and leave it to dry for a day. Now coconut shell flower vase is ready for flower arrangement 


 Arrange floral sponge in the coconut groove and on it put green colour artificial Grass evenly to cover floral sponge. Artificial flowers only one are two looks best with some filler flowers , the fillers should be of  smaller in size and matching with big flowers. This floral arrangement can be done with fresh flowers also, Artificial flowers looks great and beautiful and can stay for long time.                     

               flowerarrangement in coconut shell 

Flower arrangement Video shows the step by step arrangement of flowers in coconut groove at home in your free time.
The link for it is


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