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May 6, 2017

Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement Step by step how to arrange Flowers 

By kapilaascreations

               This is a different flower arrangement made with artificial and dry flowers.The specialty of arrangement is it enhances the beauty of the room and can be made it at home. Flowers will stay attractive months to gather . One can keep  potpourri for fragrance in the box near Ganapathi, Its a Perfect Gift to a friend.

              For making  beautiful flower Bouquet the Material needed are;
              Two empty Boxes one is big and one is small
              Gift paper
              Glue gunA
              Any decorative figure
              Two pipal leaves
              Lace to wrap around big box
              Decorative crystals
              Artificial Flowers      

    Below step by step photos will give details of how to make this bouquet .. 

     The materials are shown in the photo.


     The gift paper is wrapped around the Big and small box                               


      One can see the gift paper wrapped around boxes


 Second Box is fitted with Floral sponge ,and gift paper wrapped around it  and Sticked to big box firmly with glue gun. Take lace and stick it to the boarders of the big box


Two dried pipal leaves are put togather and with glue gun stick them to the box as shown in photo. Then Ganapathi is placed in front of pipal leaves by pasting base to the box, Now the cover is used as dais for in front Ganapathi and decorated  with crystal show piece. 


place green artificial grass on floral sponge .then  Pink big flowers are arranged artistically by placing tall ones at the back medium height in the middle and small one in front, take care no two flowers are in the same line for this arrangement . In between arrange green leaves sticks as fillers so they cover the empty spaces beautifully. Now Ganapathi is decorated with pearl necklace and on top on crystal flower is placed and stick it up with glue gun.

 a big pink flower s kept in the front , so the sticks of pink flowers will be hidden by this big flower.  In Front corner put a dry flower and stick it up, then place a hand made pink flower .

 Now the front portion is covered four flowers ,the finished  flower arrangement looks elegant standing tall top with pink flowers and down whitish pink flowers.


           The video link of this bouquet making alive is given below, Enjoy , for more information please use comment section. Meet again with many more new ideas with unique bouquet making .Happy Bouquet Making.



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