Bonsai Kapilaas : Simple way to make crystal flowers


May 27, 2017

Simple way to make crystal flowers

             Simple way to make crystal flowers



           crystal Flowers crystal flowers

Step by step is shown in clearly for clear understanding of making flowers. 

Part one is of making crystal flowers of single line, Part two is of many layers of crystal to make it more beautiful and big. 

Here it is shown how to make big crystal flowers of many layer    

      Material needed are wire and crystals or pearls, and wire cutter.  



 Take wire, leave more half free and on small length put pearls usually
     5pearls and bring two wires together as shown in photos below and 
     twist the wire so the pearls wont come out.  


     twist them as shown in photo. for second layer take longer length 
wire, put some more pearls in to wire as soon as there is enough
circle covering the first one twist the wires, we can add as many as
3circles or 5 circles


      The above photos are three orange petals and three white

      petals , In second photo white petals are attached to orange 

     petals . both white and orange petals wire should be twisted

      and make them like one wire as shown above.


    just like a above picture all three orange petals bring them

     together and twist three petals wire , so the stay at one place

     like  a flower.


      middle portion of the flower can be made as shown in photos






                      crystal flowersCrystal flowers
                          crystal flowersCrystal Flowers

               These are double petal crystal flowers. 

  They are easy to make , and we are ready to answer your queries.

  Part one link: #follow ,#youtube videos links  

    you tube  links for videos are here. 




       These flowers can be made in to simple beautiful
bouquets and can gift it On Birthdays, wedding
ceremonies, and can be used for trousseau packing
ideas or any occasion. Crystal flowers last long 
with your friends for many days. A great gift which
 is memorable.

Flower making materials are available you can buy from us , you send a request , we will send you by courier as early as possible

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