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Jun 26, 2016

BONSAI - Wiring

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How to do Bonsai wiring and shaping


Wiring and shaping is important thing in Bonsai art, it shapes a normal plant in to a excellent Bonsai. Creativeness of the Bonsai artist comes out in a beautiful form of Bonsai plant. Before making main a plant in to a bonsai first study strong points , imagine the plant style in future start creating by shaping the plant in to a beautiful Bonsai.. ,Give a character to the plant just like a sculpture sculpts a stone in to a wonderful art piece.

Finished Juniper plant
Bonsai shaping and wiring

Pre Bonsai material / nursery plant

bonsai shaping and wiring
wiring is started after clearing the main trunk.

bonsai shaping and wiring
By tilting a little the look of the plant changes ,

A oval shape pot goes well with the style of the plant

bonsai shaping and wiring
Finished Bonsai plant
Wiring and shaping of Bonsai plants

Cypress Bonsai shaping
                       bonsai shaping and wiriing     
                                    bonsai shaping and wiring

         shaping a Murraya exotica ( kamini )plant   

               bonsai shaping and wiring ,murraya exotica         murraya exotica shaping and wiring bonsai

                   After six months of training the plant is slowly developing a style, Before shaping the plant.    

After giving a proper style to the plant, After Six months the Plant is in a shape and having a style.


Training  Ficus Retusa Plant 

                                     Before                                 After shaping the plant

How to do Bonsai Wiring: videos

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