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Apr 14, 2014

Bonsai Most Expensive

   Most Expensive Bonsai

Here I am sharing a link of  Most expensive Bonsai of Takamastu Bonsai village of Japan

In Asia Pacific and Suiseki convention and Exhibition in 2011 this Bonsai is sold 
At ¥100,000,000. That is $1,300,000 or £840,000 This is 300 years old five needle Pine.
In Japan A 250 years old Juniper which exhibited in 1954 was sold for $2 million in 1981.
A Japanese five needle Pine sold just a few years ago for $600.000.
Another tree was sold in 2005 for$300,000, In 1999 Sotheby’s in London held a bonsai action and sold a 200 years old Chinese elm for $18,150. Most recently Japanese Bonsai tree collector Daizo Iwasaki bought expensive Bonsai at an auction for 180.000 USD and 333,000USD.
Older Bonsai trees are commonly sold for $1000 on up to one million dollars. At eBay and Amazon some sellers are selling their as high as 10,500 USD and 8,901 USD respectively

For more information I am sharing a link of TV show of NHK World

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