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Mar 19, 2014


  PUNICA GRANATUM NANA   (Dwarf Pomegranate)
Family: Punicaceae
                       Pomegranate is very beautiful fruit plant grown successfully into bonsai by almost all the bonsai lovers all over the world .    
Punica granatum is an ornamental shrub. It grows up to 6 to7 meters. Punica granatum nana is a drawfplant. This variety of Pomegranate is loved by all bonsai people because of its dwarf ness It gives a look of a beautiful bonsai fruiting plant. It can be grown up to one meter in height.

                       Pomegranate is a shrub with good branches and attractive foliage. IT is a deciduous plant because calyx and corella of the flower fall off as soon as the flower withers.  The leaves of this plant are in light green colour  , shiny and 2 to 6 cm long , narrow and grown on opposite side of the nodes of the  branches. It bears colourful scarlet flowers as a ornamental plant and the same flower becomes a beautiful red , hard skinned edible fruit, when it ripens the outer skin  cuts open and red coloured seeds will be seen out side .

                     The plant grows from the seeds, cuttings and also by air layering. No special care is taken for propagation. It grows well in well bonsai drained bonsai soil.
                     Pomegranate can grow in to single trunk or multi trunk style bonsai. Usually it gives out new branches at the base. Select the main strong trunk for a single trunk bonsai and cut off the side branches. Other wise select two to three strong branches and make it a multi trunk style bonsai, then remove the weak   branches.

                     Pruning can be done twice in a year depending on the growth of the plant. Usually Pomegranate needs light pruning like removing of dead branches, and cutting of thin branches to keep the plant in a good shape, after every fruiting season.

                    The plant grows well in semi shade. Watering should be done regularly. But remember the golden rule, no more or less water. To keep the plant healthy provide the fertilizers like neem cake, bone meal alternatively and regularly in limited quantities. Spray the plant frequently with micronutrients.  Repotting can be done when   the plant is about to give fresh new leaves, other wise when the plant is pot bound. Root pruning should be done lightly with out disturbing the main root ball.
     Pomegranate is good plant to make it in to a bonsai for beginners. Handle the plant just like a kid while re potting and make it in to a beautiful bonsai.

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