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Jul 27, 2013

Bonsai reducing leaf size

             Bonsai - Reducing the size of a bonsai plant leaf                              By kapilaascreations
Reducing the leaf size of a bonsai plant is mainly for big leaves plant and for deciduous plants , that means some plants sheds leaves during  Autumn season and by Spring they develop new leaves .  before defoliating  we have to keep  observe  the plant carefully, study the plant  and come to a conclusion the plant is ready for defoliation of leaves.  The main things are the plant should be healthy ,it should be free from insects , do not do it on a  reported plant , wait for some time till the plant settles down . The reduction of leaves  is not a aesthetic  beauty for the plant  , there is lot horticultural science involved in it. Usually plant sheds leaves when it matures and its function is over. Then the leaf fall down on its own and a new leaf generates  near the leaf stalk.  Usually defoliating the leaves of a plant should be done after  spring season when the new leaves starts gowning , wait for few weeks after the spring and let the plant develop new  healthy dark green leathery leaves . Sometimes  defoliating of leaves makes Bonsai plant weak and there are chances of die back of a branch or complete plant.  
It can be done on a finished and settled Bonsai, Mature bonsai plants give good response to defoliation of leaves. The second leaves after defoliation will be reduced in size. Normally regular defoliating after every alternate year gives the plant of the new leaves  of one third size of  actual leaf.  Only some species of plants are react quickly to defoliation , so there it can be done once in a year.
 The plant leaf has a stalk with which it is attached to the branch, the diagram shows clearly branch , node stalk and leaf.
reducing leaf size of bonnsai, leaf size reduction in bonsai
reducing leaf size in bonsai, leaf size reduction in bonsai. First and foremost thing is when defoliating  we should give a cut near the base of the leaf and leave the stalk or petiole as it is . so that the plant stalk gives some nourishment to the up coming new leaves near the node, then the petiole slowly dries off and fall off from the branches leaving the new fresh leaves smaller than the original leaves. The above photo shows the defoliation of a ficus plant.
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