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Jul 26, 2013



Crystal Rangoli Step by step making

By kapilaascreations

Materials needed for Rangoli

Three different  varieties of chains
Three different sizes and colours of Kundan
Transperent plastic sheet . gum to stick kundan

Plastic sheet should be little thick and it should not be
folded easily, the thickness may be 0.5 mm is ok.
take a print out of an elephant and put the plastic
sheet on it , draw elephant on plastic sheet. cut the
 sheet in elephant shape ,now it is easy any one can
cut it with a sharp scissors just as shown in photo.
first is print paper elephant on it,
second is plastic sheet cut it in a elephant shape.

By seeing this photo start doing, first at the edges put gum and stick
 the chain of golden colour,then start sticking kundans along
 the edge as shown in the photo, 

 I made two elephants facing each other. On a square sheet I made
 different design ,and arranged them in a attractive manner.
See below photo how beautiful it is ,You can decorate
it in a corner or on a table.

Start doing it and I am happy to  know your views. Its Ready
 Rangoli any time any ware you can use it re use it in many ways.
 All the material is available with me as a kit or as a single piece
like one elephant .

Coming  Up Rangoli with lights........

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