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Feb 24, 2010

Jade as a Bonsai plant

Jade as a Bonsai plant

This plant is Portulaca arfa ,It is also called as Jade plant . This plant is a good material for making into a Bonsai plant.It is a lucky plant for Chinese.It is a succulent means the plant contains 80% of water in its body. It grows well in full sunlight and needs less watering .the soil should be dried in between watering, it responds well for cuttings and pruning which should be done before spring season ,that is growing season of the plant.It can be trained in to a any style of bonsai, here the plant is fully grown and slanting on rock for its support .It looks like huge tree growing in natural surroundings. That is the beauty of bonsai art.It is art where your imagination makes a beautiful natural creation . Jade can be made in to mame bonsai or small bonsai. The main fertilizer for jade plant is liquid fertilizer once in three months. Re potting can be done.
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