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Aug 9, 2020

Bonsai Clump style

Clump Style Or Sprout Style 

Clump style Bonsai. It is one of the foremost ,beautiful style in Bonsai. According to the Great grand Master John Naka Sprout style is mentioned as Clump Style.

Grand Master John Yoshio Naka with his Goshin  (means protector of spirits ) Bonsai.
                    Images:  Courtesy  Google 

Goshin is protector of spirit is the name of this planting with junipers cheninsis plants named after his eleven grand children. In 1984 he donated it to National Bonsai Foundation    to be at US National Arberetum.  It is a Master Piece of all the time.
 Clump means a group of plants growing closely together. In clump style more than three plants up to 11 or more will be planted together as if they are growing in close nit as they are growing in group. Here there is a little difference in opinions according to some Bonsai masters clump style is also called as multi trunk style. In nature when seeds fall on the ground together at one place they sprout out shoots and all the shoots grow together make a clump style or sprout style.
The photo shows all the shoots are coming from one place. Custard apple fruit contains many seeds inside. Each seed has growing potential as a individual Custard tree. If the all seeds sprout out in to individual plants from a single fruit close together , they will look like Clump style. for example below photo explains it. 


Plants that can be grown in to Clump Style

Some of the plants are that can be grown as Clump style. Below given are only examples . Many plants can be grown in to Sprout style.
Ficus Benjamina, Tamarind, Subabul, Pine, Redwood, Ashoka, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus retusa, Tigerbark, most of the Ficus varieties, jade, Maple, juniper. Chinese elm, Boxwood..

How to start growing a Clump Style 

Select seeds of a plant which you are growing them in to Clump style. Place them  in seed germinating tray and keep moisture in the tray, so the seeds develop in to shoots, They may take from few days some weeks. 
Some plants like Ficus Benjamina plant can be grown from cuttings. We can place the cuttings in the soil and let them develop roots. these rooted Ficus plants can be made in to clump style.

Germinating seeds become individual plants, allow them to become strong as independent plants. 
Each  Plant is having its own root system. They have their own root stock and staring point. In Clump style Each Plant will have its own origin. when we are placing them we bring together as if they are growing in a group they look like multiple trunks of same plant.
Plants look like they belong to single root stock. Below is a subabul Plants made in to Clump style.

 Some times  a single plant with multiple trunks is also called as Clump Style. In this Clump style Plant is only one and the root system is also only one. These trunks can not be separated they combined. If any time, want change the placement of the plants we can not do it in multi trunk style. 

In Clump style we choose plants of same species. One more point in Clump Style when you are selecting Plants 3 or 5 or 7 , select the plants like that if the main plant is straight the other plants also follow the same  rule. If the main plant is having curves select the remaining also curved plants. So there will be Harmony among the plants. The main plant is the tall one which will be  main attraction of entire style. And also Placement  of plants plays a very important role in Clump style. 


This is one way of placement. Number one is the tallest plant will be placed leaving a viewing place in front of the main plant. So  there will be more depth for the style which gives a realistic look to the plant. Smaller plants will be kept behind and on sides. The arrangement should be like that there will be no two plants in the same line. That is the Natural way of arrangement as if the creation is as Natural as it is in Nature. For example if you are driving a car on a hill station , we find Big trees on our both sides and smaller ones at the horizon. We should feel like as if the realistic forest is in front of you. 
Bonsai is Nothing but it is creating trees in artistic way as if it is created by our Nature.
Clump Style is one of the Beautiful Styles of Bonsai owned by Great Grand Bonsai Masters. We are following their foot steps.

Jul 19, 2020

Difference between a Branch and Twin Trunk Style Bonsai

Styling a Bonsai plant is most important thing whichever gives impressive look to the plant. Long back when I started learning Bonsai I used to think that the lower branch as a Multi Trunk. After interacting with Bonsai masters and with experience I learnt the difference.

The Branch is the one which grows on trunk. Multi trunks are the trunks developed trunks at the base of the main trunk. 

If from the base of the trunk there are two trunks it will be a Twin Trunk style Bonsai. If more than two trunks are there it will be Multi Trunk Bonsai. I feel like sharing.
Bonsai is an art of aesthetically created arstic trees that express nature's Identity.

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Jun 26, 2020

How to make mango plant in to Bonsai tree.

Mango Bonsai
Mango is a favorite plant of many Bonsai lovers. When the plant is bending with heaviness of the fruits its magnificent look, no one wants to miss that glance of beauty of the plant. With little care Mango plants gives back more fruits . Making mango plant  in to a Bonsai mango  tree is involves lots of patience.Mango plant can be grown from seed and it can be grown from grafted plants also. when mango growing from seed it takes lots of time to give fruits. If it is growing in ground it takes five to ten years to start fruiting. Then if it is growing in a pot it takes more longer time at least 10 years because of its limited space in the pot. Not only that it is due to due to irregular practice of giving fertilizes missing the re -potting time also one of the factor to make the plant to slow down fruiting stage. If one can take care of these factors it can arrive its fruiting stage in less than eight years. 

This Mango plant is growing from a grafted material and started giving fruits at an age of three years. When the plant is in growing stage if one can provide with proper fertilizers it attain its mature stage as early as  possible as if  it is growing in the ground. once it started giving fruits, plant is shifted to Bonsai pot. 
Before  making as a Bonsai half of the soil is removed , some soil is kept as it is because it was hot summer season. Always re potting depends on 
1. Species of the plant 
2. Age of the plant       
3. Health of the plant   
4. Tropics or Region of the country 
5. Climate of the country weather conditions
Species of the plant : The root system of some of the are fibrous root system, some plants like mango  have tap root system.While re potting we shouldn't cut complete taproot , keeping one third of tap root depending on the health of fibrous feeder roots helps the plant to survive the stress of re potting. 
Age of the plant : Age of the plant makes lots of difference in Re potting. If the plant is young repotting to be done once in a year otherwise at least once in two years. that makes the plant to develop more feeder roots which absorbs more nutrients and the plant growth will be fast and plant gains enegry to develop more branches.
Health of the plant : Health of the is compulsory . If the plant is not healthy re potting makes the plant weak, because of the re potting the plant under going strain and it may lead plant to develop more pressure it may lead plant to die back.
Tropics or Region of the country : There are mainly three types of zones are there on Earth. one is tropics and another is temperate and polar. In tropical Zone area the temperature are always hot , hotter , hottest. that time temperatures will go as high as more than 40 degrees.if  care cant be taken after re potting  during that time survival chances of plant will be less.  In temperate zone temperature will cold and the plants growing in those regions will be having winter dormancy. During dormancy period plants go in to hibernation because of cold weather, there wont any development . so it is not advisable to do re potting during that time.
Climate of the country weather conditions: Re potting time  also depends on seasons. the plant development during spring season more . That is the best time to do re potting of the plant. 

Wiring is done by just bending the branches and tieing them to the main trunk line.Mango Plant grows in any type of soil its not choosy. mostly it likes acidic soil for proper growth. Garden soil , sand not fine sand and manure these are the main ingredients of soil. Once the plant settles start Fertilizing with NPK fertilizers. While in growing stage Nitrogen fertilizer is compulsory, after five years potash and phosphate fertilizer is needed for the plant to have a healthy crop, Start fertilizing before or early spring season  to get more fruits. Once the flowering season is over, cut back the branches and provide the plant with good food. Sometimes spraying liquid fertilizers provides the plant with more nutrients and energy for the plant to be ready for next season. 

The Photo Below  is the Plant After Six months

Enjoy Growing mango Bonsai.


Jun 22, 2020

Bonsai And Bonsai photoshoot . How to get best photo of your Bonsai. Part 2

In last post we learnt every thing about the Back drop and its colors and how to use that.
Tripod setting for Photo shoot:
Tripod is an important photography, if you place your camera on a tripod, , you can easily adjust shutter speed and time with out any jerks. Small jerk also makes your photo shaky without any clear, sharp picture. With Tripod we can adjust of the height the  camera with the same level of the plant with its position and angle. Fix  camera or mobile in tripod and adjust the height of tripod.

camera focus point and should match with pot level. The plant trunk base should and the camera eye will be in the same level. So plant will be visible as it is. we can get true image with out any Parallax error.

If you are looking at plant from an angle the picture you are getting wont be perfect , In out come photo the plant's image will be at an angle  and trunk line can be covered with branches. so its not proper way of getting a good picture.

In the above photograph the focus of camera is going above canopy of the plant. So in out come image of the plant the trunk line looks thin and  young.
camera Angle focus is from the Above the plant

Focus of camera in first photo it is on left side, and in second photo it is on right side  

The placement of tripod with camera and plant should be in 180 degrees line. If tripod is on right side or left side the image we are getting is not a actual image.
Tripod helps to take good photos when there is minimum light in the room, that time we need more shutter speed.  When  using camera with hand slight movement also reduces shutter speed, resulting in blur or grainy images.If camera is placed on tripod there wont be any  movement of the hand, On tripod minimum amount of movement resulting  best photos of Bonsai plants. If you dont have tripod there many home made tripod videos are there online, you can check them. you can make your own. The main use of tripod is stability for camera with least motion and best photo shoot..

To be continued in next posts with other tips like tripod placement and exposure etc.....

Jun 21, 2020

Bonsai And Bonsai photoshoot . How to get best photo of your Bonsai.

Photographing A Bonsai : Once we finished shaping Bonsai Plant, we feel like capture the beauty of our creation in a frame. Here I am sharing some important points of Photography . These I learnt with experience, I would like to share with you all. We can start our photography shoot with our mobile. we don't need any expensive camera, Simple camera is also makes lots of difference. Then a normal simple tripod of for stable photos. For taking  good photos one need not to be a great photographer just follow some easy steps and your Bonsai photos will be marvelous. 
Back drop for photo shoot : First to show your Bonsai clearly with depth we should have a solid back ground with out any distractions. If you have plain wall that also makes a good back ground. Otherwise next step we can use Black or White colour or any other colour of plain cloth is makes a superior back ground.  when you selecting a cloth it should not be a shiny cloth, because it reflects the light.  
The cloth can be a velvet or 100% cotton cloth or Lekera cloth is gives a best back ground. Some times if your Bonsai is small then our coloured chart paper is perfect as a back drop. Back drop should be hang from a stand or with some support . please try to hang the cloth  straight down with out any folds.. The folds distracts the view of  main image. Our Bonsai plant can be placed in front of the backdrop on a table. We can put same cloth on table and place the plant on table. Then complete back ground will be full black and entire viewers concentration will be on Bonsai plant. Some times we can place turntable on the this table, that also gives a elegant look.

 In this photo table is covered with the same backdrop cloth

A turn table is place on the first table to place Bonsai plant

Chart paper also can be used as back drop in photography.

One more option is we can place glass sheet below Bonsai plant with black or white back drop, the reflection of the plant in the glass gives a beautiful look.

Here below we can see a detail view of White and Black drop . Both of them are good . according to our interest we can use any back ground. So always one back drop without any interruption is compulsory to show your beauty of the Bonsai  plant. 
To be continued in next posts with other tips like tripod placement and exposure etc.....